Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Intellectualism 0: What is it?

I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything on here. I could give you the rundown of why, but then I'd be wasting your time. Needless to say, I've had a very hard go of it in the last several months. My mother died back in March and frankly I've been scrambling to find work and pay bills. However I woke up this morning with a thought for this blog.

So what is Intellectualism, well webster's says that it is the "devotion to the exercise of intellect or to intellectual pursuits". So that is what we will do with this series. It will be a once a month series that will be exploring big ideas around poverty, and deconstructing them to explore them in detail. Each post will be between 1500 to 2500 words, so these will be larger than average posts. We will be exploring both the concept of poverty and the solutions to help solve the issues around poverty.

I am already working on the first post for this new series, which will be out later this month. Also I am going to start covering news items that are directly related to the SkyPilot Project mission. And a few news stories that are indirectly related to our mission.

I hope this new series Intellectualism will help to spur conversation and discussion on important issues that need to be explored.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Finding Shelter...Our First Project

On any given night there are close to 600,000 people that will be sleeping on the street. although the overall number of people that are without shelter has decreased year over year. However out of that 564,708 people who are considered homeless, 206,286 were people in families, 358,422 were individuals, and a quarter of the entire group were children.

The Finding Shelter Program that The SkyPilot Project is organizing is a Program that seeks to build a central database that someone would be able to search and find a homeless shelter. When an Individual does a search they will be able to find a Location, and Contact information, how many beds or rooms are available, if that location offers meals, and if a location is first come, first serve or if a location does a "lottery" for the available beds.

The Results would come up on a Google Map so that way a person would be able to get directions so that they could walk, drive, which bus routes they would need to take to get to the location of the Shelter. Also it will be a tap and pay app that will cover the cost of travel that an individual would need to cover, for example if they needed to ride the bus to get to a shelter that had an open spot.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

21st Century Skill Set...

Note: This post was published originally on The SkyPilot Project Blog, on January 25th 2010. It has been updated to reflect changes that have happened since it was first published. 

We live in the future, and It is awesome! However being a member of 21st Century means that a whole new skill set is required. That skill set isn't much different from when we changed from an agricultural economy to an Industrial one during the Industrial Revolution of the early 19th Century. We are in the midst of a Technological Revolution. We are and have been since the mid-20th century with the invention of the 1st electronic computer in 1941 with Zuse Z3 which was invented in Germany.

With the first introduction of the business workstation from IBM in the mid to late 1950's. The need for workers with computer skills was starting to develop in the workplace. As the computer became more common in the workplace it was starting to make it's way into the home. With the introduction of the Apple I in 1976 and then with the Apple II in 1977. Then in the mid 1980's a small upstart of of a software company by the name of Microsoft with the introduction of Windows 1.1.

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Slight Change in Focus

Hey! I know it's been awhile since anything has been posted here. However I have a perfectly good reason for having not done much here. I was finishing my first novella. which if you follow my personal Twitter you will already know when it comes out. 

However, what has prompted me to post something today is that there is a slight change in focus for The SkyPilot Project. Although our primary mission will always be issues that affect Low-income Families and individuals, our secondary mission is always to fight hate, and bigotry. And since we (that would be my home country of the U.S.) have just put into office the embodiment of all that is wrong with the world. I feel it is the obligation that we join the resistance. I really didn't want politics to be part of this blog, or this project. However I feel for that The SkyPilot Project has to be in time such as these. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Putting out the call

Hey there everyone! I know I've been very quiet and the podcast hasn't been getting done, well there is a good reason for all of that. I've been thinking about where I want the SkyPilot Project to go and how I want it to get there, and so the reason for this post.

I'm putting out a call for volunteers. I need a group of people that are going to be willing to put in the time to write posts, be on the podcast, and promote The SkyPilot Project on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. If you think you can do all of that then please let me know. You can get me on Twitter, Facebook, or even email.

I am looking to have about 5 or 6 people that will make up the core group of people that will be doing regular things on the blog and other platforms. I'm hoping this will be the kickstart that The SkyPilot Project needs as I've not had the time to do as much as I would have hoped.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The SkyPilot Project Weekly Episode 6: #BlackLivesMatter

Hey everyone!

There is a new episode of The SkyPilot Project Weekly out, and this week I am talking about the shootings that happened last week. it's a longer than normal show because i have a CNN interview that the Mother and Uncle of Mr. Castile did this past week. There isn't much more I can add to this conversation, other than what's already been said.

Make sure you check out the YouTube Version which has the video from CNN

Thursday, July 7, 2016

#‎PhilandoCastile‬ is Why #BlackLivesMatter is so important

This week has been violent, it has been deadly, and it needs to stop right now. The following video is graphic, it is very graphic, and it shows the aftermath of what profiling and racism looks like when it comes in the form of a badge. I'm starting to feel like we've jumped back into the 1960's and the violence against people of color that happened back then. This video, although very graphic is emblematic and a prime example as to why the #BlackLivesMatter movement is so important right now.

The SkyPilot Project stands with #BlackLivesMatter and supports their mission.

Monday, June 27, 2016

What does It mean to be Poor.

I have grown up poor. I have 1st hand experience with what it is to be poor. To see all the kids in School, that came from more affluent families. Families that mostly had both a Mom and a Dad. I only had my Mom, and at times only my Grandma. I know what it is like to wake up and not have anything to eat for breakfast. I know what it was like to be the kid in school that never had the newest clothes, or the latest toy.

So, having had the experience of being a child of a low-income family. It's one of the Goals of The SkyPilot Project to help those kids. So one of the objectives of The SkyPilot Project is to get low cost or free daycare and after school activities for kids in grades K-12. Also The SkyPilot Project wants to offer students in grades 8-12 skills workshops that they can do for free. The workshops would highlight different skills that would be needed in today's workplace. Ideally the workshops would be offered during the school week as well as on the weekend, when single parents need the help the most.

How Green Tech Can Help The Low Income Community

How can Green Technologies help the Low-Income Family. Well for starters buy having an Apartment or House powered by Wind and Solar technologies it cuts down on the money a low-income family can take the money saved on the power bill and put that money to other bills, food, or clothing. Hydrogen powered cars can cut down or eliminate the need for carbon based fuels. Hydrogen power can be used as a heating fuel as well, cutting out the need for large energy bills in the wintertime, and that same fuel could power water heaters and gas stoves.

There are lots of on site low profile options out there for wind power. The one i like the best is called qr6 or The Quiet Revolution it is a low profile windmill that only 14 meters tall, and only 3 meters wide. It uses the vertical S shape and because of it's unique design it captures more wind coming from any direction. This is something that Low-Income families and individuals can use to help cut down or eliminate the need for a power bill. In fact any excess power that is created could be sold back to the power company at a fair market rate, so that extra money could buy more food, clothes, or cover for other needs the family might have.

The SkyPilot View of Low-Income Housing

When I was first formulating the idea of The SkyPilot Project. I considered the way that the Low income housing is currently done. So let me walk you through the process of getting and then maintaining a Low-Income Apartment from the consumers point of view.

Now you go to a subsidized apartment complex, fill out the application, pay the application fee. You give over all the financial information that they request, such as Income, bank accounts, and any other information they feel is relevant, and is sure to be an invasion of privacy.

Depending on the percentage that the apartment complex is using, roughly about 25% to 30% of the total income of everyone that will be living in the house. Now if you have applied for a Section 8 rent waiver. Congratulation! You now have between 1 and 5 years to wait before you can receive your Certificate or Voucher depending on which state you live in, and some states are more Low-Income Friendly then others.