Saturday, April 16, 2016

K.I.S.S. Principle

The K.I.S.S. Principle (Keep It Super Simple) is something that I attempt to follow everyday. It is a Principle that led me to the concept of Minimalism, and It guides a lot of the choices that I make in regards to The SkyPilot Project.

I find that no matter how simple something is, that there are still a lot of people, that can still have a hard time contemplating the concept that is The SkyPilot Project.

So I think I am going to really break it down to the most basic concepts and Ideas that make up the SkyPilot Project.

Concept 1: The Supportive Low-income Apartment Complex

When I first thought of this concept of having a Low-Income Apartment Complex that assisted people out of Poverty. I thought, why hasn't anyone else thought of this? It is a very simple idea, working from the maxim "Give a man a Fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime." Teaching and reinforcing the idea of self-sufficiency, in doing for yourself. Which is the exact opposite of the current welfare system, which relies on Low-Income Families and Individuals to be dependent on them long term.

So why not develop a new way of assisting Low-Income Families and Individuals. Create an Apartment Complex that teaches the tools needed to be Self-sufficient so they wouldn't be dependent on a Public Welfare system. To me this is a win win situation. Fewer people on the Welfare rolls, more people that are earning the income to provide for their families.

See it fits the K.I.S.S. Principle. A Simple Solution to what has been a bit of a Complex problem for State and Federal Governments.

Concept 2: Using Alternative energies to provide Power to the Apartment Complex

One of the biggest issues that Low-Income Families and Individuals face, is the Energy bill. So I thought, lets just eliminate it all together. Using Wind, Solar, and Hydrogen power to provide Heating fuel, and Electricity to all of the apartment units. The Plus side of this, is that any excess energy that is made, could be sold back to the local power company at a Fair Market rate, which would provide a way to defray a lot of the day to day operation cost of the apartment complex. It would also lift a huge burden from a working Low-Income family. It would allow them to take that money and use it for Food, Clothing, or some other need that the Family might have.

Call me Naive, an Idealist, out of my Fraking mind, or any number of other things. But this is a K.I.S.S. Concept that solves a problem, that a lot of Low-Income Families have on a daily basis.

Concept 3: Teaching a 21st century skill set.

In considering what skills are needed in the modern workplace, and seeing 1st hand myself the lack of Technology skills that a solid majority of Low-Income Adults just can't grasp. Or at least don't think that they need to grasp. I thought that Skills training, and Knowledge training could be of a large benefit.

Think of the office you work in today. Think of the basic skill set that is a requirement of almost every line of work. You have to know how to use a computer, and you have to have a basic knowledge of how it works. You have to know how to use MS Office Suite. You have to know how to navigate the Internet.

Side note: As the Office makes the continued migration to the Cloud, Being able to Navigate the Internet will become a bigger and bigger must have Skill for the Office worker.  end side note.

So taking all of that into consideration, I thought that offering Skills training for the 21st century work place would be a good idea. Something that Stays true to the K.I.S.S. Principal.

So I hope that clarifies some of the Concepts that The SkyPilot Project hopes to achieve with your help.