Friday, April 2, 2010

The SkyPilot Project InFocus: UHEAA

the UHEAA is the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority is the State of Utah's one stop shop for Low-Income Students looking for help getting Financial Aid to go to School. They even have a Program for Single Mothers, looking to better their education.

The UHEAA administrates the following programs
  • Utah Student Loan Guarantee Program (LGP)
  • Utah State Board of Regents Loan Purchase Program (LPP)
  • Utah Centennial Opportunity Program for Education (UCOPE)
  • Utah Educational Savings Plan Trust (UESP)
  • Utah Higher Education Tuition Assistance Program (UTAP)
  • Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (LEAP)
  • State Matching Grants for USHE Institutions' Campus-Based Federal Programs

The UHEAA site has lots of great tools for Low-Income Students that can help them plan their Collage Career.  Such as prep worksheets, calculators so you can see in hard numbers what it will cost to go to school, Budget worksheets, and so much more.

The UHEAA is also a sponsor of Mapping your which is another tool for getting ready to go to Collage.

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