Sunday, April 10, 2016

SkyPilot Project InFocus: Food Stamp use at highest in Decades

So i was reading FoxNews, and I found this Report on the rising use of Food Stamps. With the poverty level rising since the economic downturn, some are estimating that the Poverty level could top out at 15% the highest level since the 1960's.

Chris Edwards, an expert on federal and state tax issues at the Cato Institute, is quoted in the article as saying that nearly 50% of those that participate in the Food Stamp Program are children, 10% are the elderly, and that the rest are working individuals that simply don't make enough to cover all of the cost of getting the food they need.

There are currently and estimated 40 million people enrolled in the food stamp program, and it currently cost an estimated $70 Billion a year. It could be with numbers like that is one of the Reasons that Costco Recently started taking food stamps. Although you have to have a membership still, and they only accept the food stamp card if the name on the card is the same as on the membership card. SamsClub also takes Food Stamps, and a Farmers Markets are starting to take Food Stamps now too.

$70 Billion a year...WOW.. that is a shit ton of money. There just isn't any other way to put that. If Low-Income apartments had community green houses, and gardens, I bet we could cut that number in half. In fact if every apartment complex in America would do that, I would think that the cost could be even lower. We could then use that $70,000,000,000 to pay for better education for our children, or for other programs that could help Low-Income and homeless Families and Individuals.

We have lost a fundamental skill in being able to grow our own food. It is a Skill that needs to be rediscovered, and one that needs to be reinforced. You could in many cases cut your food cost in half, if you grew your own vegetables, spices, and some kinds of Fruits. This is an investment that will pay off for your family.

The Food Stamp Program is a great program, and one that my family has used in the past, and currently uses now. It helps to bridge the gap that so many Low-Income Families and Individuals are forced to deal with on a daily basis.

Here is a Quote to think about, " The best leaders of all, the people know not they exist. They turn to each other and say, We did it ourselves." -Zen Proverb.

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