Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Archive Post: What Is The SkyPilot Project?

Note to Reader: This is an archive post. However most of the info here is still very relevant and still very much needed. Although I'm not currently pursuing this goal, it's still one that is in the background. 

What is The SkyPilot Project? The SkyPilot Project is an idea that I have been rolling around in my head for almost 2 years for nearly a decade now. It is a Non-Profit Project to Promote the Idea that Low-Income housing can have a positive impact on the families and individuals. The SkyPilot Project holds the Position that by utilizing current technologies, and by promoting programs that will benefit low income families.

According to, “One-quarter of America's Children live in low-income families with a working parent.” In 2001 and was almost 19 million (19,000,000) children. Also according to the average wage for a the primary worker in a low income family is $9 an hour, and it will take 11 years, that is over a decade, for that worker to get to $14 an hour which is the average wage for middle income families.
It is because of statistics like that, that The SkyPilot Project has been founded to help change these kind of problems. To help Low-Income Families and Individuals reach the dreams and goals they have, by providing a way to learn the skills that are needed to compete in the 21st century workplace. Starting Programs that will provide free day care, and free medical clinics that can do more then just suggest Over the Counter medications.

The SkyPilot Project firmly believes that by incorporating Alternative Energy Sources, and by using Green Technologies and Techniques, that it will help to lower energy cost for low-income families. By doing that it will give that families or Individual the extra funds for food, clothing, or any other need they may have at the time.

The SkyPilot Project believes that Congress should raise the minimum wage from the soon to be current $7.25 (July 24th 2009) to $12.50 an hour or higher. The Minimum wage should be at a Livable Wage. The SkyPilot Project feels that programs such as Medicare, and Medicaid should be no cost to low-income families and individuals. This is a public program, that is already funded by Taxpayers, and was always suppose to be no cost for those in need of Medical coverage.

The SkyPilot Project believes that Low-income Apartment housing Complexes should be interactive, and proactive in providing the tools needed to help low-income Families and Individuals succeed. That means providing weekly skill workshops covering everything from basic computer use to how to balance their checking accounts, to how to cook inexpensive but healthy meals.