Sunday, April 17, 2016

So about the Ads

I am sure you are noticing the Ads. Well there is a really good reason for them. We aren't currently taking donations at this time, and I still have cost that have to be covered, so please click ads and buy stuff to support us. We don't currently have the 501(c)3 stuff done, and don't plan on doing so for sometime. So until we do, we can't really be taking donations from people.

We are just getting our feet back under us, and I am currently the only one that is writing for the blog right now, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. So in the mean time there will be ads on the site, I was kindly ask if you have an ad blocker to please turn it off when you're here. I'm not going to be doing anything to make you turn it off, but I would ask that you do. Think of it as a way to support The SkyPilot Project. The ads won't be intrusive, and they won't be everywhere. But we have to make some cash some how to pay for things like the URL I'll be buying next month for the site, and for hosting, and that sort of thing. So please click an ad in support of the SkyPilot Project!

I hope you have an awesome day!