Sunday, April 10, 2016

Starting Over?

I have been thinking about this blog for the last several years, and I have always felt that The SkyPilot Project was one of my unfinished works. Something that I felt was important, but that I couldn't do anything with it because I didn't have the money to do what I wanted with it. Recently someone told me something that got me to thinking and my fiance confirmed what that other person had said, that I am an advocate. It's true, if you follow one of my many twitter accounts for any length of time, you'll see that I am rather vocal about things that matter to me. 

I can't build the apartment complex that I would love to build that would help low income families and individuals get ahead, but I can talk about issues that matter and get a conversation started about those issues. So I am starting over with the SkyPilot Project I am going to be refocusing it as a blog, as a site that will have a conversation about issues that affect low income families and individuals. This time it will be a slow burn, I won't be posting everyday but Instead I will be posting about once or twice a week sometimes only once a month. I'll be the only one writing for this site. So I'll be writing about these issues when I am able to do so. 

I'm not going to be pulling punches here, I'm going to be talking about real issues that affect low income families and individuals on a daily basis, and that requires that we be real about those realities. We have to call people out, and make them say what they mean. I won't back down just because someone is a person of power and influence, if anything I'll be harder on them because they are a person of power and influence and they should be doing more for those who can't. 

although this blog was started in 2009 I am restarting it renewed and will be considering 2016 as our first year.  

So come join me, and help me get the word out.