Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nutrition Education For The Poor

Integrative Nutrition Learning Center is an online school that teaches people about Nutrition and how to be a Nutrition Coach. However their course costs ($4,995) are out of the reach of low income individuals and families. However they refused to answer any questions about if they do anything for low-income families and individuals. They haven't answered if they have scholarships for people who can't afford to pay out close to five grand for their 10 month course. My guess would be that they don't, and that they don't care about anyone other than those who can pay out the money for the course.

Another cooking course I found was WebCookingClasses.com which while not at bad as the Integrative Nutrition costs, it is still vastly out the of the reach of those who are low income. Their "Fresh Cooking" course which is a series of DVD and Books is $137 bucks. Which would still be out side of any low income family budget. The amount of nutrition education that low income families and individuals get is vastly different from their middle class counterparts. Most families to make their dollar stretch will rely on processed foods and ready made meals because it's cheaper for them than fresh fruits and veggies, and don't get me started on the cost of meat.

There needs to be more resources for low income families and individuals. There needs to be something that will show them how they can affordably cook healthy meals on a budget. Because right now there isn't much that is focused on them. The Low Income Community is always the last one to get any kind of consideration from places like Integrative Nutrition. Even with their high profile clientele they can't seem to be bothered with helping low income families and individuals.

So because there is a need, and I have some limited ability to do it. I'm going to start a weekly series about how to cook on a limited budget. The rules are this, it can't cost more than $2 per serving, and can't have more than 5 ingredients. It has to have veggies or fruit, and it needs to be rather simple to make. So I am going to put the videos up on YouTube and also post them here for you all to access for free. Because this is important and it needs to be done.