Sunday, June 26, 2016

Don't Tread On Me.

I think that I should expand on why it is that The SkyPilot Project has chosen to not take Federal or State Grants, Loans, or Subsidies. The Primary reason is that, I have seen what happens to a Non-Profit that takes government money. I have seen what happens when Individuals, and Families takes money from the Government. It becomes a bureaucracy, that has several catch 22's and a few trap doors.

The SkyPilot Project has the position that having the freedom to help people is more important than anything else. By having Corporate Sponsorship, and Private donations we can help more people then we could if we took the Federal and State money. The SkyPilot Project believes that it must be a leader in showing how being self-sufficient enables people to have more individual freedom.

By taking the Federal and State money, it opens up The SkyPilot Project to Government oversight. Which means it could take longer for The SkyPilot Project to help people. Because the right form has to be filled out at the right time, with the right information, and it would have to meet the right bureaucrat's approval. It is quite frankly a inefficient way to help people.

When you take federal money you tie yourself to that money and any policies that the money is attached to at the time it is given. The same goes with money from the State Government. The SkyPilot Project wants to have as little red tape and bureaucracy as possible. The Fewer roadblocks in helping people the more people we can help in the shortest amount of time. The SkyPilot Project is all about help as many people we as we can with as little red tape as possible.

By Making a Donation today. You will be helping The SkyPilot Project start the process of helping people. You, by making a Donation, will be taking part in helping Low-income and Homeless Families and Individuals. You will be part of a Revolution, by making a donation and helping The SkyPilot Project get the ball rolling on getting the business license and by doing so helping The SkyPilot Project get the 501c Non-Profit Designation.

Thank you for any amount that you can give.