Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fundraising time!

Hey there!

So Every June/July I'm going to be doing a small fundrasing campaign to cover cost and to get the equipment that is needed to do the work that we do here.

This year, I am focusing on the start up costs. There is lots of stuff we need to get in order to do the stuff I want to do over the next year. It's not a small amount. I am going to hopefully going to raise $11,000 to get a camera to get the computers needed to do the post production stuff and to cover costs like hosting for the podcast and several other things. Please go and donate to our Indiegogo campaign!

I wish the perks could be better, however I am trying to keep the costs as low as I can at this point. Right now it's only me doing everything. I write the posts, I do the podcast and once we have the equipment I'll be doing the cooking show. I am paying for it out of my own very limited pocket. On top of doing this I'm also work two jobs, one full time and one part time. So please go donate to the Indiegogo campaign and help make The SkyPilot Project the best it can be.