Monday, June 27, 2016

How Green Tech Can Help The Low Income Community

How can Green Technologies help the Low-Income Family. Well for starters buy having an Apartment or House powered by Wind and Solar technologies it cuts down on the money a low-income family can take the money saved on the power bill and put that money to other bills, food, or clothing. Hydrogen powered cars can cut down or eliminate the need for carbon based fuels. Hydrogen power can be used as a heating fuel as well, cutting out the need for large energy bills in the wintertime, and that same fuel could power water heaters and gas stoves.

There are lots of on site low profile options out there for wind power. The one i like the best is called qr6 or The Quiet Revolution it is a low profile windmill that only 14 meters tall, and only 3 meters wide. It uses the vertical S shape and because of it's unique design it captures more wind coming from any direction. This is something that Low-Income families and individuals can use to help cut down or eliminate the need for a power bill. In fact any excess power that is created could be sold back to the power company at a fair market rate, so that extra money could buy more food, clothes, or cover for other needs the family might have.

Solar power is a technology that has been around for several decades, and is a viable green technology. By having Solar power and an alternate Power Source, it can almost guarantee that the stress of a power bill will be almost eliminated as the solar power can be stored and used later as needed by the individual or family.

Hydrogen fuel is an option that has been in the making for almost 100 years. Hydrogen fuel can be the fuel for heat, for water heaters, and for cooking in gas powered stoves. It could be the difference maker in the low-income family between having a healthy meal, and having a meal that just gets them to the next meal, with almost no nutritional value. 

So there are three green option that could help Low-Income Families and individuals.

Gee you know it is too bad that all those Billions of stimulus money went to greed banks, and to States that wish their Low-Income populations would disappear. Yet, the three options I have provide would do more for stimulating the economy then anything they are doing right now. Just a thought that Congress can think about as they are handing out money, to oil and coal companies.

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