Monday, June 6, 2016

The SkyPilot Project Values

There are 3 values, I feel every person should have towards one another. A basic Respect for the individual is one of those values. The other Values are Honesty and Integrity. Without these 3 Values, you can not be a successful person.

The Low-Income and Homeless don't get a lot of respect from the mainstream public. The mainstream media, shows that respect is something you get as you become more successful, and powerful you gain more respect. I disagree with that point of view. I think that everyone should be given Respect regardless of social standing.

One of the biggest issues for someone who is homeless or low-income is respect, and their own self image and self respect. I was raised to respect my elders, and to respect others. Now don't get me wrong, I believe that deep respect should be earned just like trust should be earned. However everyone, whether you like them or dislike them, should have at least a basic respect of the individual.

At the core of The SkyPilot Project is a respect of the Individual. Which is why we support such a wide range of issues, and it is the driving force of the goals The SkyPilot Project has, both short term and Long Term goals. Although it is a controversial subject, The SkyPilot project believes that everyone has the right to happiness and to share that happiness regardless of their sexual orientation. The LGBT community has a friend with The SkyPilot Project.

Creating an environment of Respect, safety, and non-judgment is key to having that environment that allows  people to grow and become productive, and it allows people to find that sense of self that is so important to a persons individual growth. Individual Growth is one of the main core values that The SkyPilot Project has.

The SkyPilot Project has 6 core Values that guide it. Those Core Values are Self Sufficiency, Individual Growth, Respect of All, Transparency, Integrity, and Honesty. It are these Values that will Guide The SkyPilot Project as it seeks out to help Low-income, and Homeless Individuals and Families. Help People is what the SkyPilot Project is all about, and that is the central focus of The SkyPilot Project.

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