Monday, June 27, 2016

The SkyPilot View of Low-Income Housing

When I was first formulating the idea of The SkyPilot Project. I considered the way that the Low income housing is currently done. So let me walk you through the process of getting and then maintaining a Low-Income Apartment from the consumers point of view.

Now you go to a subsidized apartment complex, fill out the application, pay the application fee. You give over all the financial information that they request, such as Income, bank accounts, and any other information they feel is relevant, and is sure to be an invasion of privacy.

Depending on the percentage that the apartment complex is using, roughly about 25% to 30% of the total income of everyone that will be living in the house. Now if you have applied for a Section 8 rent waiver. Congratulation! You now have between 1 and 5 years to wait before you can receive your Certificate or Voucher depending on which state you live in, and some states are more Low-Income Friendly then others.

Take Washington State for example. Washington State is, in my opinion, the most unfriendly state to low-income families. Where as Kansas, is one of the more Low-Income Friendly States. So how does the SkyPilot Project view the way Low-Income Housing should be done?

Well for starters The SkyPilot Project believes that the current system is flawed and broken. The SkyPilot Project believes that a fixed rent is the best way to serve the Low-Income Families and Individuals. The SkyPilot Project Believes that Low-Income Housing should be serving the families and individuals that it provides housing too. By having a fixed rent it allows the Low-income Families and Individuals to get more food, save money so they can buy a house, or even pay for needed medical expenses.

The SkyPilot Project will never take Federal or State funds. The reason is because there are too many strings attached, and way to much red tape, and bureaucracy. The SkyPilot Project wants to focus on helping people. Not following Federal and State Rules and Regulations that in most cases tie the hands of those that are wanting to help.

One of the reasons that The SkyPilot Project wants to use Alternative Energies, is because of the financial benefits. Buy selling back the excess power produced by Wind, Solar, and Hydrogen Power. It creates a Revenue stream that can be reinvested into the apartment complex. So that The SkyPilot Project could provide programs such as on site daycare for working families, skill workshops, and an on-site free clinic for those families and individuals that can't afford to go to a doctor on a regular basis.

So there you have it, just a small glimpse into the long term view of how The SkyPilot Project believes Low-Income Housing should be done.