Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The State of Being Low-Income

There is a particular stigma that goes with being an Adult that is low income. Most people think that they are lazy, and don’t want to work to get the things they need so they rely on the state and federal government to provide them with food stamps and Imagine waking up every day, and having to decide between food, rent, power, heat, or some other need you have for that day. Simply because you don’t have enough money to cover both, but one or the other. Now think about having to decide between paying your Medicaid premium or paying rent. How do you decide which is more important?

That is the current state of being low-income in America today. They have to choose between rent and medical care. It is the reality of the low income family, that most children go hungry, they are either missing Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. In some cases all three. Granted because of the school lunch program the children of low income families get at least one meal a day. However it can be better.

Me (i'm about 3, or 4 here), Santa,
and Rudolph's Cousin Blinky 
Growing up as a kid in a low income family, I know the realities of being low income. Being low income means that you don’t get to do the things that other kids your age do. It means that you find what free programs there are, and you do those. For me it was the music program, I was able to express myself though music. Some kids today don’t have that option. They don’t have after school programs that they can do.

Being a low income adult, means that you sometimes have to choose between eating and paying the rent. Being a low income adult means that you either pay the premium for Medicare or you pay the rent because most of the time, you aren’t going to be able to afford both. If you’re male and your low income things can be even more serious. Because a lot of programs, and rightly so, focus on getting aid to women and children. Which is how it should be, however that also means that there are a lot of men out there struggling to make ends meet for themselves. 

According to the Urban Institute, right now there are 13.4 Million families with incomes less than twice the federal poverty line. Out of that 13.4 Million at least three quarters of them are working either full or part time jobs. This is from a report that was written by Margaret Simms, and released by the Urban Institute.

Can you believe that there are 13.4 Million families that are considered low-income? It is because of numbers like that, that The SkyPilot Project exists. It is because there are ways to act, to be proactive to help change that number, to make it lower, to make it disappear. It will take action. It will take many, and it will take someone to do something to make a difference. What are you going to do, to help those that need help?

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