Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Walking The Talk

So I was going to the store the other night, and as I was leaving I saw a guy with a sign asking for money.....I have a confession to make.... I was a little miffed...and i went on my way....for about two blocks... then i went to the King of Burgers (that would be Burger King).. bought two of the bacon cheeseburgers for $3... and went back to the gentleman with the sign, and gave him the food.

As I was driving home, I got to thinking about walking the walk, and talking the talk. They are two very different things. I am a very strong believer in the leadership philosophy of "Leading From The Front."

What does it mean to lead from the front. Well for that I need to turn to someone that I have looked up to for the better part of a decade and a half. This Individual is a decorated Navy Seal. He was the "plank" Commander of Seal Team 6, he did multiple tours in Vietnam, in fact at one point the Viet-Con had a reward of 50,000 piasters to anyone that could kill him. Commander Richard Marcinko is an Individual I would love to meet someday. It is the example of doing what it takes to get the Job done right, that really sits with me.

To Lead from the Front means to lead by example, it means you are out front, so the people you are leading can see you. It means you don't lead from behind anything or anyone. To Lead from the front means that you out front and you don't let anyone get in your way to accomplishing your goal. Now a small caveat, It would be strongly recommended that you don't get arrested, or do anything that would be considered illegal by a local, state, or federal law enforcement agency. However having said that, everything else is perfectly fine.

One of the Goals of The SkyPilot Project is to Change the System. Change it from a system of dependence into a system that encourages self-sufficiency. Our Motto is the Ye old saying:"Give a Man a Fish he eats for a day, Teach a Man to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

I have honestly believed that the current welfare system in most if not in all states has developed into a system of being dependent on the monthly payments, dependent on the food stamps. The Low-Income housing industry, and it is an Industry, forces Low-income families to be dependent on the subsidized housing. For example for every cost of living increase there is an increase in the amount of the Rent that family has to pay. Subsidized housing should have a Fixed rate not one that is adjusted each year. The way I see it, the longer that low-income family is kept in that subsidized housing, the more dependent they become on it.

The SkyPilot Project has a firm belief that it should be assisting Low-Income Families with Education, skill training, and showing them how to save money with the use of Alternative Energies. Such as Wind, Solar, and Hydrogen Power. 

Empowering people is one of the many goals of The SkyPilot Project. Far too often the current system disempowers people, it makes them feel hopeless. It's the wrong message for not only the government to be sending, it's the wrong message period. People, for all their flaws and imperfections, can be a powerful force. When you get people that stands behind their convictions and walk the talk, that is when the change we all want will happen.

So What are your thoughts? The SkyPilot Project would love to know what you are thinking!