Monday, June 27, 2016

What does It mean to be Poor.

I have grown up poor. I have 1st hand experience with what it is to be poor. To see all the kids in School, that came from more affluent families. Families that mostly had both a Mom and a Dad. I only had my Mom, and at times only my Grandma. I know what it is like to wake up and not have anything to eat for breakfast. I know what it was like to be the kid in school that never had the newest clothes, or the latest toy.

So, having had the experience of being a child of a low-income family. It's one of the Goals of The SkyPilot Project to help those kids. So one of the objectives of The SkyPilot Project is to get low cost or free daycare and after school activities for kids in grades K-12. Also The SkyPilot Project wants to offer students in grades 8-12 skills workshops that they can do for free. The workshops would highlight different skills that would be needed in today's workplace. Ideally the workshops would be offered during the school week as well as on the weekend, when single parents need the help the most.

So what does it mean to be Poor in the U.S. today. It means that a Congress that is out of touch, and only care about what poll tells them how to get elected for the next term. It means that every time there is a budget debate it is the programs that help the Low-Income that get cut. Medicare, is almost always the first program that Congress talks about cutting back on. The one program that the Low-Income rely on for their medical needs, is the one that always ends up on the financial chopping block.

To be poor means that you worry everyday about weather or not you are going to be able to take you kids to the doctor if they get sick. To have to worry if you can afford the medication they need to help their kids get better. If your child has a terminal illness, well you better pray that you aren't low-income, because the Government would rather that child die, then have to pay for the treatments to help that child get better.