Monday, January 23, 2017

A Slight Change in Focus

Hey! I know it's been awhile since anything has been posted here. However I have a perfectly good reason for having not done much here. I was finishing my first novella. which if you follow my personal Twitter you will already know when it comes out. 

However, what has prompted me to post something today is that there is a slight change in focus for The SkyPilot Project. Although our primary mission will always be issues that affect Low-income Families and individuals, our secondary mission is always to fight hate, and bigotry. And since we (that would be my home country of the U.S.) have just put into office the embodiment of all that is wrong with the world. I feel it is the obligation that we join the resistance. I really didn't want politics to be part of this blog, or this project. However I feel for that The SkyPilot Project has to be in time such as these. 

What times are these you ask? Well to answer that I only have to point to a Republican Controlled House, Senate, and Whitehouse. I only have to point to the fact that within the first hour of being put into office they have already moved to undo the ACA (Obamacare), they are already trying to move to make safe abortions illegal, to privatize Medicare, and Social Security. They, The GOP, are going to try and cram as much stuff as they feel they can get away with in the next two years before the midterms, on the off chance that they lose all the power they have stolen from the people. 

We are now in very dark times. However there is hope because people are rising up, they are fighting, and we will win out. I can't believe that almost 300 years of freedom and democracy could just be overturned in one presidential term by a man that looks at a book and runs away in fear of what truth it might hold. 

So there will be a slight change of focus. We will still be writing about Low-Income Issues, however we will also be writing about what is going on in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and what is going on in the Whitehouse. Because I feel it's very important to fight hate, to fight oppression,  to Resist fascism.